Our tomato paste and canned food production, which started in 1974 in Çanakkale, continues in our modern facilities of 120.000 square meters in Susurluk.

Fide is canning the freshest fruits and vegetables grown in the fertile soil of Turkey in a traditional way and in their natural state, and processes about 130.000 tons of products every year for domestic/overseas markets.

Headquarters located in İstanbul, Fide exports to 67 countries with its broad range of products consisting of tomato paste, pepper paste, canned vegetables, canned fish, sauces, convenience foods and canned fruits.

Fide, making special productions for big chain markets such as Tesco, Safeway, Asda, Sainsbury, has ISO, HACCP and BRC certificates.

Şimdi Alışveriş Yap